Newsletter 135

Dear Collector This month’s newsletter is rich in books on ships and the sea.  These can be found in two categories: MARITIME, and JOSE BURMAN.  Jose Burman wrote much about South African shipping history and the shipwrecks scattered around our treacherous coast.  A writer of around forty books on a variety of subjects, largely relating […]


Newsletter 134

  Dear Collector Our latest newsletter presents some of the very best acquisitions we have had in years.  These include landmarks of Africana, such as excellent examples of James Backhouse’s A Narrative of a Visit to the Mauritius and South Africa, John Barrow’s An Account of Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa, R Gordon […]


Newsletter 133

Dear Collector Our first newsletter of 2017 has two main sections. Its first part, divided into categories, is devoted to new acquisitions.  The second part is another “Shelf Tour”, in which we draw your attention to items from stock, newly photographed and re-priced.  On the front page of the newsletter is J H Pierneef’s Rand Gold Mine, […]


Newsletter 132

Dear Collector This month’s list opens with a truly amazing section featuring original illustrations of the ruins Angkor Wat ruins, prints from the first edition of Levaillant’s Histoire naturelle des Oiseaux d’Afrique, early chromolithographs displaying British plants, and Lavater’s mug shots of ‘types’ ranging from scoundrels to saints. Pierre Jeannerat de Beerski travelled extensively in […]


Newsletter 131

  Dear Collector The Head of a Unicorn, killed near the City of Mashow, which appears on the front page of this month’s newsletter, is of course that of a black rhinoceros.  It is the subject of one of the hand-coloured plates appearing in John Campbell’s account of his second journey in Travels in South […]


Newsletter 130

Dear Collector The front page illustration for our list shows a scene from the African wilderness, as painted by Thomas Baines.  It appears in The Life and Work of Thomas Baines, by Jane Carruthers and Marion Arnold, which is one of the books on offer this month.  We have chosen this picture because it encapsulates […]


Newsletter 129

Dear Collector   In his own words, Francis Patrick Fleming experienced “stirring times” in his life of seventy-two years.  Born in Ireland in 1823, he served as chaplain during the period that included the Eighth Frontier War.  Thereafter, within three months of a new posting on Mauritius, 17000 people died of cholera.  Indeed, four of […]


Newsletter 128

  Dear Collector We are particularly excited by this month’s list, which includes a wide variety of fascinating books, ranging in subject matter from Sport to African Travel & Exploration, and from Crime to Natural History & Gardening.  Here are some of the highlights: It has never been possible to treat water in Africa with […]

Newsletter 127

Newsletter 127

Dear Collector For Newsletter 127, we feature an occasional list of Travel items from our stock.  The 238 titles cover all regions: Africa & Adjacent Islands, Asia & Far East, Australasia & South Pacific, British Isles & Ireland, Europe, General Travel & Voyages, Near & Middle East, North America & Caribbean, Polar Regions, and South […]


Newsletter 126

Dear Collector We are very pleased to announce our second catalogue in a series: The Collection of R. de R. Jooste: The Anglo-Boer War, South African History and Related Subjects.  As pointed out when the first catalogue was issued at this time last year, there are not many South African War collections to match that […]